The Benefits of Aerial Photography for Real Estate Marketing

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's true in real estate as well. The small, thumbnail picture your potential buyers see as they scroll through hundreds of online listings is the first opportunity you have to impress them and get them to click. That simple click can be the first step in successfully obtaining a buyer for your new listing.

The pictures above are of the same house. The top picture was the picture originally used for the real estate listing (presumably taken by the realtor), and the bottom picture is a professional aerial photograph taken by South Jersey Aerial Photography. The differences are remarkable. In the top picture, you can't see some of the best features this property has to offer. Most importantly, you can't see how big the yard is! This house sits on almost 1/2 acre of property, but that is completely missed in the street-level photo because of how close the camera has to be to capture the home in sufficient detail. From the air, we can showcase the entire property, while also showing the house in great detail.

The aerial photograph also shows off another huge selling feature for this home: its size. In the top photograph, the house doesn't appear particularly large, but in the aerial photograph, the house looks huge! There is an entire rear addition that is completely omitted from the street-level shot.

From the air, the landscaping really stands out as well. This picture was taken in the winter, when most of the aesthetically-pleasing features of landscaping are unfortunately dormant, yet the aerial photo still manages to showcases some of the best features of the landscaping.

Featuring a listing using professional aerial photographs is sure to attract buyers and get more views for your listing. A dull or uninspiring, street-level photo may cost you the one and only opportunity you have to really impress potential buyers and secure that ever-important first click.

South Jersey Aerial Photography is South Jersey's premier aerial photography company. Fully licensed and insured, contact us today!

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